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Born in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, son of Dora and Jesse Getúlio Guimarães Pastor founder of ‘Brasa Ministry’ (Brasa Church) in Porto Alegre/ Brazil. Marcelo received his call at 17 and at 18 began his studies at the Seminary “Dr. Pedro Tarsier” (in Porto Alegre/ Brazil) completing the course in Theology at 21. His passion for music and worship comes since the beginning of his call. Marcelo is the author of many songs sung in evangelical circles. In the age of 18 wrote the song "I Will not close my Lips" and many others. In 2001 he was sent to England as a Assistant Pastor at Open Gate Church in Bognor Regis, southern England, and worked there for 12 years. Over the past three years, he has traveled in support of the Churches in Europe, specifically in Eastern Europe. He is the founder of the Open Heart Ministry, which is intended to be a missionary way of help to local churches in Eastern Europe.

Em Janeiro de 1992 casou com Lee Guimarães. Em 1996 nasceu o primeiro filho Davi e em 1999 nasceu a Izabela.

Atualmente Marcelo e sua família vivem na Inglaterra, de onde desempenham da melhor forma os projetos do Ministério Open Heart.

Lets go Together!

It's our time to fill the world

with righteousness.

Família - Marcelo Guimarães
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