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I was 17 to 18 years old. These years were very important years in my life. In those days I’ve received my calling for ministry, Surrounded by words, directions, dreams ... at that time I thought were only dreams, but today I understand that they were much more than dreams of a teenager wanting more of God. In fact it was God talking to me about the things that would guide my life in the future to come. It was also at this same time that I found my wife Lee, my great partner in this adventure!

When I was 17, I had a dream. It was just a dream like the ones you have when you are sleeping. In my dream, a certain man took me by my hand and we began to fly over some countries. Suddenly I remembered one of my child's little game called "War," (Risk board game) which was a game of disputes among the nations, and so I could locate myself, I was at the border of the former URSS (Union of Republics Soviet socialist), some of you will remember that. When we arrived, we were stopped at the border and there was a wall of men who did not let us pass. Then immediately started to come young people from all sides and we began to take the shape of an arrow, and then we broke through the barrier and were greeted with joy on the other side. Then I woke up! Only a dream of a 17 year old.

When I was 18 year old God spoke to me, "you will live in an English-speaking country prepare yourself." I remember telling my leaders, and my girlfriend (now my wife) and I felt as if I was sharing a "childhood dream", and it could have been, but in my case it was not!

When I was thirty years old, twelve years after those words mentioned above, already married with two children, I also served my father in his ministry for 10 years, my time had arrived!!

In the year of 2000 came to my city, Porto Alegre, RS, some leaders of southern England. They were looking for a family that God had spoken by prophecy. A family would come to that city, they would live there, they were to be received and looked after. To make the long shorter history, in April 2001 we arrived in this town called Bognor Regis and for 12 years we helped to shepherd that Church.

During all those years, we have invested a lot of our time in Europe, visiting and strengthening local Churches. From 2013 we began to invest more and more of our time into Eastern Europe countries, and today over there has been the focus of our ministry.

I could not never imagined in my 17’s that today I was going to be involved as I am, in places such as Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia ...

We are only at the beginning, but as it was said by the prophet Isaiah: "my dreams are greater than yours and my ways higher than yours “

Let's go together!!

Pr. Marcelo Guimarães

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