Reformation Path

Do you know the story of the Protestant Reformation with Martin Luther? You know the history of the Moravians? So, come with us on this trip! We will go through all the places where it happened. It’s an amazing Historical and very interesting trip. Let's go together!

The Protestant Reformation was a Christian reform movement culminated in the early sixteenth century by Martin Luther, when through the publication of his 95 theses on 31 October 1517 at the door of the Church of Wittenberg Castle, has protested against several points of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, proposing a reform. On 1 November 1517, Martin Luther spoke in front there Wittenberg Palace church, 95 theses on indulgences. His theses were published and came to the public. Thus, the Protestant Reformation began.

The Gutenberg Bible is the 1st printed the Latin translation of the Bible by Johann Gutenberg in Mainz (now Mainz), Germany. This Bible is considered the most important ‘incunabula’, as it marks the start of mass production of books in the West.

The Moravians - Czech Republic The Moravians were one of the groups that brought more impact to the world. The world was experiencing a religious coldness. The rationalist thought had invaded schools and churches. Preachers had made their very dogmatic and sterile messages. All were debates. There were many who knew things about God. But rare were those who knew God. Because of that, several bloody revolutions happened in the eighteenth century. One of these revolutions was the French Revolution. Many people died unjustly in France. And in this time of crisis, of rationalism, of spiritual coldness, that God raised up the Moravians. The Moravians were people who were escaping from their land as a result of a terrible war, the war of thirty years. They were Protestants. Some were Hussites other Calvinists and others Lutherans. However, they all went to the same place. They were living in the land of a wealthy count, called Zinzendorf. In these lands they established the Herrnhut community, which means "sheepfold of the Lord." Within this context, on this trip, we go through all these places, the cities that were part of the "Route" which took place the Protestant Reformation. It is a very rich history of travel, knowledge !! Do not miss !!!

Cities we're going to visit


20/10 - Arrival International Airport Frankfurt - Germany

21 to 23/10 - Mission Congress (Gera)

22/10 - visit the Martin Luther house (Wittenberg)

24/10 - Herrhut (Dresden) - History of the Moravians

25/10 - Krakow - Poland

27 to 28/10 - Auschwitz - Breclav - Czech Republic

29/10 - Tour to Prague (overnight)

30/10 - Late in Dresden and return to Gera - Germany

31/10 - Free day 01/11 - Return to Brazil

EUR 800

Includes transfers, accommodation, meals (breakfast and dinner) and tours (with overnight stay in Prague). All tours accompanied by a guide

* Does not include airline tickets Brazil / Frankfurt / Brazil


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